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Academic Projects

i worked on during my time at university.

Master Thesis

Development of a combat scenario between two AI groups using tactical decision making

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Bachelor Thesis

Flow Fields for motion control of large NPC groups in Real-Time Strategy games

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Personal Projects

These are some of my personal projects I worked on during the last years.

Raytracing Filter

As a team we built a Vulkan Raytracing application which uses spatial and temporal filters to denoise images in real time.

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3D Modeling

Some of my 3D models created with blender and textured with Substance Painter.

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Pandemic Simulation

Simulating the spread of different diseases using a range of user adjustable parameters.

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VFX Drone Video

Using some of my old drone footage recorded in 2017 I created a short video using motion tracking.

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Archery Club Website

Built a dynamic website using php. Allowing Users to login and publish posts with images and text.

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Schützengau Website

New website for the local shooting organization. Users can login and post articles with images and files.

Go To schuetzengau-oberallgaeu.de